Roller grade weather barrier provides extra
protection from wind-driven rain
Roller grade TESS Weather Barrier is a polymer-modified cementitious waterproofing membrane and air barrier that provides extra protection from wind-driven rain while minimizing condensation within the wall system. TESS Weather Barrier is a water-resistive membrane that defends against water penetration and denies air infiltration. It is applied by brush or short nap roller to vertical above-grade wall sheathing and concrete masonry surfaces. During mixing and application the green color of TESS Weather Barrier clearly delineates treated areas.
Imparts a seamless protective barrier over the substrate and all substrate openings
Environmentally friendly —  Zero VOCs
Extremely flexible even at low temperatures; conforms to the contours and movement of the substrate
Brush or roller applied — Eliminates overlap issues associated with sheet-good membranes
Bridges holes and gaps up to 1/8" without the need for reinforcing mesh
Cures quickly — Facilitates application of EPS board
Provides 10-year anti-microbial protection with non-toxic Duracide®
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