Flexible cement exterior wall cladding for EIFS and one-coat stucco
TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System is a high-performance wall system for EIFS or one-coat stucco installations. TESS improves these cladding systems by replacing the synthetic stucco finishes with a naturally breathable, flexible, thinsetting Portland cement stucco finish that has been formulated specifically to repel water and resist dirt-pick-up while eliminating moisture entrapment issues associated with acrylic finishes. TESS component products include:
TESS Finish — Newly formulated, Portland cement-based exterior finish is the only flexible cement finish designed for both EIFS and stucco applications. TESS Finish provides the durability and colorfastness of a genuine cement finish, yet withstands substrate movement and vibration. This high-performance cladding repels water and dirt, resists UV fading, incorporates a 10 year non-leaching antimicrobial agent and contains absolutely no VOCs or harmful solvents whatsoever.
TESS Primer — Seals TESS One Coat Stucco or other masonry walls to prevent efflorescence and ensure color uniformity in the finish coat.
TESS Base Coat — A high performance, polymer-modified Portland cement base coat for use with TESS Finish in an EIFS installation. A fast-setting “cold weather” (CW) base coat is also available.
TESS One Coat Stucco — A strong, durable, climate-resistant cladding for buildings that applies faster and easier than traditional 3-coat stucco. It is available in either pre-sanded or concentrated (unsanded) form.
TESS Additive and Bonding Agent (TABA) — Enhances the performance, handling characteristics and curing of the TESS One Coat Stucco.
TESS Weather Barrier — Imparts a seamless protective barrier over the substrate and all substrate openings.
TESS products meet or exceed ICC-ES AC235 Acceptance Criteria for EIFS Clad Drainage Wall Assemblies and ICC-ES AC11 Acceptance Criteria for Cementitious Exterior Wall Coatings.
Typical EIFS configuration
TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System in the recommended EIFS configuration:
1. Substrate fastened to studs
2. TESS Weather Barrier (2 coats)
3. Tyvek® StuccoWrap® weather barrier*
4. TESS EPS foam insulation
5. Fiberglass mesh
6. TESS Base Coat
7. TESS Primer (optional)
8. TESS Finish
Note (*) Formulated Solutions LLC recommends the use of DuPont Tyvek StuccoWrap and TESS Weather Barrier in any EIFS installation. Formulated Solutions LLC is not affiliated with DuPont in any way.
TESS Products are green by design
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