Crack-resistant primer improves finish coverage and reduces cost
TESS Primer seals TESS One Coat Stucco or other masonry walls to prevent efflorescence and ensure color uniformity in the finish coat. The primer seals pores and surface imperfections, increasing the yield of the finish while reducing the overall cost of the wall system.
When specifying a project, architects should consider the long-term value of primer, which imparts four important benefits to any installation:
• Improves bond between finish coat and stucco base, eliminating potential adhesion issues such as peeling caused by surface contamination or insufficiently cured base.
• Promotes even coloring. By using the same color primer as the finish coat, color bleed-through is eliminated. This is especially true when light colored finishes are used over a typically gray-colored stucco base.
• Enhances finish coverage by allowing the finish to be floated “tighter” without becoming too thin. Primers therefore help to reduce the cost of the finished wall system.
• Increases uniformity of the stucco base by closing pores, imperfections and hairline cracks, thereby providing a smooth surface for final finish application. This further speeds installation by providing a nearly perfect application surface.
Naturally breathable —Transmits water vapor in both directions; water does not become entrapped; will not blister, peel or flake
Zero VOCs — No atmospheric emissions and solvent-free
Polymer-enhanced—Crack-resistant; endures freeze/thaw cycles
Contains Duracide® — A non-toxic, non-leaching anti-microbial agent that kills mold, mildew and algae for more than 10 years
Adds a water-resistant barrier to the substrate — Reduces or eliminates efflorescence, enhances hiding and uniformity of finish coat
Superior surface preparation — Eliminates surface imperfections and voids for better adhesion of finish coat, improves finish coat coverage
Green packaging —Economical paper bags are easily disposable
Meets ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Cementitious Exterior Wall Coatings (AC11).
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