Premium One Coat Stuccos
TESS Sanded One Coat Stucco bag
TESS Sanded One Coat Stucco
TESS Unsanded One Coat Stucco
One coat stucco provides a strong, durable, climate-resistant cladding for buildings. TESS One Coat Stucco is a premium Portland cement stucco containing reinforcing fibers and performance-enhancing ingredients that improve strength and crack-resistance. It is available either in a concentrated form or in a pre-sanded version.
TESS Unsanded One Coat Stucco requires the addition of sand and water on the job site and offers an economical advantage of lower shipping cost. TESS Sanded One Coat Stucco assures higher quality with clean, uniform, factory-added sand, and requires only the addition of water at the job site. TESS One Coat Stuccos are packaged in 80 pound paper bags.
To improve overall stucco performance and strength, we recommend the use of TESS Additive and Bonding Agent (TABA).
Factory blended — ensures high quality and consistent proportions
Fiber-reinforced, polymer-enhanced — Crack-resistant; stays flexible in cold temperatures
Naturally breathable — Transmits water vapor in both directions; water does not become entrapped; resists rot and fungus
Smooth consistency — Easy to spread formula increases productivity
Zero VOCs — No atmospheric emissions whatsoever
Meets ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Cementitious Exterior Wall Coatings (AC11)
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