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Introducing TESS Weather Barrier
With the introduction of TESS Weather Barrier, all components of a TESS wall system for EIFS or stucco installations are available directly from Formulated Solutions. TESS Weather Barrier provides interior walls with a superior level of protection against moisture intrusion and air leakage. Easily applied by brush or short-nap roller, the product imparts a seamless, continuous barrier over the substrate to protect the sheathing from damaging water penetration both during and after construction. Excellent crack-bridging ability further prevents moisture intrusion. TESS Weather Barrier contains Duracide®, a long-lasting anti-microbial that inhibits the growth of harmful mold and mildew in the wall cavity. With Zero VOCs, TESS Weather Barrier also meets the strict air quality requirements.
For more information, including data sheet and MSDS, see TESS Weather Barrier or email sales@tessfinishes.com

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