Potential LEED credits for your
EIFS and one-coat stucco projects
The following LEED credits may be earned by using TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System, as determined by a LEED certified AP and the building design.
LEED for New Construction v3
Optimize Energy Performance, EA Credit 1 (1-19 points)
The building envelope has a significant impact on energy performance and operating costs. It is well know that the high insulative value of EIFS-type wall systems contributes greatly to increasing the energy efficiency of a building. Unfortunately, EIFS is flawed by the use of acrylic finishes, which (1) contain VOCs and (2) function as a vapor barrier that can trap moisture within the wall. Water vapor entrapped inside the wall between the weather barrier and the acrylic finish can foster dangerous microbial growth and structural deterioration.
TESS Finish is a flexible, mineral-based replacement for traditional EIFS finishes that is as hydrophobic as an acrylic finish, but breathes naturally like a cementitious stucco. In blind tests, TESS Finish proved to be 3.3 to 4.2 times more permeable to water vapor as two leading acrylic stucco finishes: Water vapor easily escapes through the TESS Finish, producing a drier, healthier and more durable wall that yields the same high R-values as traditional EIFS.
Building Reuse: Maintain Existing Walls, Floors & Roofs, MR Credit 1.1 (1-3 points)
TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System can be applied to existing wall structures to improve durability, aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. For example, cement or masonry walls may be resurfaced with a lighter, flexible TESS One Coat Stucco. Discolored or failed EIFS finishes may be replaced with a more environmentally-friendly TESS Finish that is available in a wide palette of colors.
Regional Materials: MR Credit 5 (1-2 points)
More than 20% of TESS raw materials are obtained within a 500-mile radius of the factory located in Woodside, NY. Additionally, TESS Finish provides greater yield, less weight and less packaged volume than acrylic finishes, thereby reducing fuel consumption, pollution and transportation cost.
Construction IAQ Management Plan During Construction, IEQ Credit 3.1 (1 point)
By installing Tyvek® StuccoWrap® as required in a TESS system, building materials are protected from water penetration when exposed to the elements, thereby helping to prevent the formation of mold and mildew during construction.
Low-Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings, IEQ Credit 4.2 (1 point)
TESS finishes and primers, which can be applied to interior walls, contain absolutely no VOCs or harmful solvents. In fact, TESS finishes are ideal for below grade indoor wall surfaces because they are naturally breathable and are available in a wide variety of colors and textures that do not require sealing or painting.
ID Credit 1 (1-5 points)
TESS surfacing systems allow water vapor to expire through the finish while repelling wind driven water, diminishing microbial contamination and improving indoor air quality. Integrated dirt resistance and ten-year antimicrobial protection reduces the use of water, cleansers and the need for recoating; thinset formulation is lighter than traditional stucco, minimizing structural requirements.
There are four levels of LEED certification for new construction: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To learn more about green building design and the LEED Certification process, visit www.usgbc.org.
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