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Genuine cement stuccos offer many environmental, technical and aesthetic advantages over synthetic stuccos, but traditional cement stucco is too brittle for use in any wall system where movement of the substrata is a concern. So Formulated Solutions, which designs and manufactures cementitious mortars for various applications, created a unique thinsetting cement finishing system that is extremely flexible, while retaining the natural characteristics that have made traditional cement stuccos appealing to architects, builders and buyers for thousands of years.
The photo presented here shows the flexibility of TESS Finish, Primer and Base Coat as demonstrated in our laboratory. We cut a 1" thick piece of EPS board into a strip approximately 5" wide by 24" long. Then we applied TESS Base Coat with a generic plastic mesh, followed in the recommended manner by coatings of TESS Primer and TESS Finish. We allowed these coatings to cure properly before bending the assembled system.
As you can see, three cementitious TESS coatings on EPS board can be bent more than 180° without any sign of cracking, peeling or flaking. Our proprietary formula allows TESS Finish to resist cracking from thermal changes and building vibrations in accordance with ICC specifications for use in both EIFS and one coat stucco applications.
If you or your clients prefer a genuine Portland cement stucco, you can replace the textured acrylic paint that you now use with a durable, breathable, water-repellant TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System.
TESS cement finish can be bent more than 180° without cracking
One-inch thick EPS board with cementitious TESS Base Coat, Primer and Finish applied and cured can be bent more than 180° without cracking or flaking. That is all the flexibility that you need for any EIFS or stucco installation.
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