Colorfast and mold-free, TESS Finish
outperforms synthetic stuccos
Performance  >  Non-toxic 10-Year Antimicrobial    [ More About Duracide® ]
TESS Finish with Duracide® retains its color indefinitely
while resisting mold, mildew and algae for more than 10 years.
TESS Finish After 10 Years
Typical Acrylic Stucco After 2-5 Years
TESS Finish retains its fresh, natural look for many years
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TESS Finish with Duracide is a durable, flexible cementitious finish that retains its color, breathes naturally and resists mold, mildew and algae for 10 years or more. What you see now is what you can expect to see a decade from now. That’s good for you and good for the environment because TESS Finishes require significantly less maintenance and reapplication than typical acrylic stucco finishes. And Duracide is standard in TESS Finish and Primer.