High-performance alternative for
EIFS and one coat stucco jobs
TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System
A durable cement finish so flexible that it is ideal for EIFS and traditional stucco applications
Application of TESS Finish, detail
Application of TESS Finish
TESS is ideal for residential and light commercial buildings
Typical EIFS configuration
Why is the TESS finishing system better for contractors than premium acrylic stucco finishes?
As the only cement wall cladding system designed specifically for EIFS and one coat stucco installations, TESS Finish adds value to your jobs while making your work lighter and more profitable without learning any new techniques. If you are familiar with synthetic stucco finishes, you will find that TESS Finish applies more easily and floats better, with less droppage and cleanup.
Get more coverage and greater productivity with less weight. One 44 lb. bag of TESS Finish (which weighs about 52 lbs. with water added) can cover up to 30% more area than a 70 lb. pail of acrylic stucco finish—at about the same cost. When compared to the best acrylic stuccos, TESS Finish covers the same area with the greater hiding power of a full-bodied cement finish. Also, when the job is done, paper bags are more easily disposable than plastic pails.
Add value, not cost, to your residential and light commercial projects. TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System is stronger, more durable, and retains its color longer than acrylic stucco finishes. Its unique formula repels water and dirt, yet it will not blister, peel or flake. Its non-toxic antimicrobial agent kills mold, mildew and algae for more than 10 years. And all these performance enhancements are standard in TESS Finish.
Give your customers a green alternative to petroleum-derived acrylic finishes.TESS Finish delivers the consistency of a premium synthetic stucco plus the workability of genuine Portland cement, with no VOCs or solvents whatsoever. The hallmark of every TESS Finish is that it combines the features and benefits of both acrylic and cement finishes while avoiding the drawbacks of either.
TESS Finish, Primer and Base Coat bags
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