A Note About Color and Perception
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What you see varies, depending on many factors
TESS Finishes, like all natural products, can vary in color and texture. Such differences occur for a variety of reasons. At the source, for example, natural pigments may vary slightly from time to time and from place to place. Many other factors contribute to your perception of color.
Sun and clouds are often the most influential agents of color perception. Is the sunlight shining brightly and directly onto the wall surface or is the sun’s light diffused by clouds or fog? Does the wall face the sun or fall in
shadow? How much reflected light of varying colors comes from nearby structures or nature itself?
The texture and size of a surface also alters the perception of color. Textures with greater relief can create an interesting contrast between highlight and shadow, while smooth textures can appear more homogenous or bland. A small sample of a color will appear significantly more saturated when it covers a large surface such as a wall.
Color can be consistently described and accurately measured by spectrophotometers, but such metrics are valid only within a strictly controlled laboratory environment devoid of texture. Real world perception of color is highly subjective—and variable.
Please be aware of the many ways any color can be perceived in order to make an informed selection. And, as always, you should ask to see an actual color sample on site because the colors that you see here, printed representations of the same colors, and actual samples can appear quite differently under different circumstances.
The color of this building is the same on all sides, but appears dramatically different in direct sunlight or shadow. What would a sample of this same color look like in fluorescent light in a room with green walls?
Finish colors look differentl under different lighting
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