High-Performance Base Coats
TESS Base Coat is a high performance, polymer-modified Portland cement base coat for use with TESS Finish in an EIFS configuration. TESS Base Coat embeds and secures the fiberglass-mesh reinforcing fabric over the EPS board and forms a “base” or undercoat for the finish coat, which is applied on top as the final layer of the system.
Self-gauging properties help the installer achieve correct base coat thickness in a single coat application. Factory blended to ensure proper ingredient ratios and the highest quality control. Packaged in 50 pound (22.7 kg) multi-wall paper bags.
TESS Base Coat CW (Cold Weather) is a fast-setting, polymer-modified Portland cement base coat that is similar in use and performance to TESS Base Coat, but designed for an accelerated cure in cold weather applications, specifically when job site temperatures are between 35ºF (1.7Cº) and 50ºF (10Cº).
Fast-setting — Ready to receive finish coat in 4 to 5 hours in low temperature applications
One component — Ready to use, just mix with water on job site
Smooth consistency — Easy to spread; increases productivity
Premium formula — Factory blended ensures quality control
Zero VOCs — No atmospheric emissions whatsoever
Fire and smoke resistant — Significantly decreases flame spread and smoke contribution
Meets ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for EIFS clad drainage wall assemblies (AC235)
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TESS Base Coat bag