The greener, high-performance
alternative to synthetic stucco finishes
As an architect, why would you seal your EIFS or stucco projects in plastic wrap?
That’s essentially what happens when you use an acrylic stucco finish. With TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System, you can now specify a new class of hybrid cementitious finishes that breathes freely, ensuring a drier, healthier, more durable wall system.
The hallmark of every TESS Finish is that it combines the familiarity, features and benefits of both synthetic and cementitious finishes while avoiding the drawbacks of either. If you like stucco finishes, you’ll love TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System for its performance, style, and gentle environmental impact.
Make your next EIFS project a shade greener with TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System.
You want the natural look of cement stucco, but like the design flexibility of synthetic stucco. You need the energy efficiency of EIFS, but prefer the superior durability and breathability of a genuine stucco finish. It's time to meet TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System, a newly formulated, flexible cementitious cladding designed specifically for EIFS and one-coat stucco installations. You'll find TESS adds significant aesthetic, performance and environmental value to your residential and commercial projects.
Meets or exceeds AC235 and AC11 ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria
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Cement-based finishes breathe naturally
Synthetic finishes act as vapor barriers