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Formulated Solutions LLC was founded in 2001 by John Garuti Jr, who co-founded Super-Tek Products, Inc. in 1978. Mr Garuti now heads both companies, with 30 years of hands-on experience in construction product formulation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution.
Super-Tek and Formulated Solutions produce a broad array of proprietary and rebranded construction products including thinset cement mortars, underlayment, grout, tile adhesive, epoxy mortar, latex mortar and additive, adhesives for plastic wall sheeting and fiberglass-reinforced paneling, masonry cement additives, bonding agents, patches, coatings, sealers, cleaners, flooring adhesives, stains, stuccos, gypsum cements, acrylic
wall finishes, epoxy adhesives, laminate/composite adhesives, base coat and stucco for use in exterior insulating finishing systems. This extensive formulary and experience in the construction industry provided a strong foundation for a new company, Formulated Solutions LLC, which is dedicated to designing and producing greener architectural solutions with greater value for all.
Formulated Solutions formulates value-added solutions that are scientifically tested and application proven, providing significant benefits for clients and their customers. For example,
Formulated Solutions is the first company to:
• Produce a zero-VOC architectural finish to resolve moisture entrapment and durability issues associated with synthetic stucco products;
• Offer a zero-VOC, water-based adhesive for rigid wall covering installations replacing solvent, odorous and difficult-to-use contact adhesives;
• Package architectural finish coatings in compact paper bags instead of industry standard plastic pails that have been accumulating in landfills for decades.
Formulated Solutions Excels at
Material Design
When it comes to stucco finishes, most architects and builders live with acrylic stucco simply because that is what most manufacturers have to offer them. Acrylic stuccos, however, are inherently flawed as an exterior surface. So Formulated Solutions takes the opposite approach: Start with an environmentally benign product that has been proven over millennia, cement mortar, and imbue it with new performance properties that make it a superior replacement for both acrylic and traditional stucco finishes—especially in an EIFS application.
The result is TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System (pat. pend.). This “Next Generation in Architectural Finishes” is the latest and most important innovation from Formulated Solutions.
Formulated Solutions is committed to manufacturing excellence and innovation; your feedback from field experience provides valuable insight for existing and future product development.

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